British Columbia Online Casinos

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British Columbia is the countries westernmost province and is the 5th largest Canadian province by area. It has a large amount of scenic nature and is well known for its coastlines and mountains. It is the perfect place for people who love walking trails, skiing, biking, and for someone who just enjoys beautiful scenery.

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On the business side, B.C. has a diverse and strong economy that is well known for its film industry. Many well-known movies and TV shows have been filmed in the beautiful setting that surrounds B.C.

The province has a population of 4,992 million, with most of those people living in Vancouver. Gambling became legal in 1970 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Today, there are a ton of great casinos in British Columbia that all gamblers will love.

Here’s everything you need to know about gambling and the best casinos in British Columbia.

The Laws of Gambling in British Columbia

British ColumbiaTo legally gamble in British Columbia, as well as buy lottery tickets, bet online and on horse racing, you must be 19 years old or older. B.C.’s gambling laws are some of the strongest in the country and they will not allow anyone under the age of 19 to even enter any type of facility that has gambling.

Online Casinos in British Columbia

British Columbia has their very own online gambling site that they own; it’s called PlayNow. It was created in 2004 and allows B.C. gamblers to play online poker, bet on sports, play other casino games, partake in the lottery and even play Bingo.

Total Economic British Columbia

To safely participate in online gambling, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation recommends you use the PlayNow platform. But there are other online gambling websites to look into. Here are three we recommend:

  • Jackpot City

Jackpot City is the countries favourite online casino. It has a 4.9 ranking and has over 640 games for you to play. Just by signing up, Jackpot City pays a C$1,600 bonus for new Canadian players. This website has a 97.8% payout that is paid in 1 to 2 days.

  • Spin Palace

Spin Palace has a 4.9 rating and is one of the easiest to use online casinos. On both web and mobile, the online website pays out over C$5 million every day. The jackpots on this site are some of the largest continuous jackpots around and users receive C$1,000 bonus when they sign up.

Ruby Fortune’s rating is 4.8 and has a 96.5% payout, which comes within 1 to 3 days. You can play hundreds of great casino games and features an easy to play and great platform everybody will love. By signing up, new players get C$750 instantly.

As you can see, British Columbia has a very vibrant and active gambling community. There are tons of excellent casinos that are rune extremely we’ll in conjunction with the provincial government. From large casinos in the capital city of Vancouver, to smaller locations near the mountains, you can choose your favourite location to circulate.

If you’re an online gambler who is over 19 years old, you’ll be able to find many relevant sites that work for you.

British Columbia Online Casinos FAQ’s

How old do you need to be to legally gamble in British Columbia?
You must be 19 years old to legally gamble in British Columbia.
Is gambling in British Columbia regulated?
Yes, gambling is regulated by the provincial government, who watch gambling practices within the province and monitor all activity.
Do you need to claim your winnings on your taxes?
Unless the large majority of your income is from gambling, you will not have to claim your winnings in British Columbia, the same as the rest of the country. If gambling is simply a past-time for you, you won’t have to include it at all.
Will gambling in British Columbia be changing anytime soon?
Gambling has been around for many years now, and the games have progressed to where they are today. The industry is stable and positive, so there probably will not be much change anytime soon.
How Can I Be Safe When Using an Online Casino?
Make sure to use online casinos with a Secured Seal, and one with a positive rating on our website. Do not sign up to the first site you see, do your research and make sure others have given this site a good review. If a site is not certified, you should not input your personal information and participate in their games.
What are the best casinos to visit in British Columbia?
In the opening paragraphs of this page, we talk about the locations you should definitely check out when wanting to gamble in British Columbia. There are a lot of great casinos in B.C., so do research and have fun.
Do you recommend playing online or at an actual casino?
Well, that’s totally up to you. Both online and offline gambling have their benefits. For one, what fits best into your lifestyle? Would you like to gamble from home or go to a physical location? Answer a few of these questions to decide what works for you.
Is there a lottery in British Columbia?
Yes, the lottery in British Columbia is operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
Do a lot of people gamble online in British Columbia?
Yes, they sure do. Online gambling is popular everywhere, including in B.C.
Is sports betting allowed in British Columbia?
Yes, it is allowed and is done by a lot of B.C. gamblers. You can bet on hockey (NHL), and soccer, and football, as well as many other sports, on the government website and other online sports betting websites.
If sports and games are so popular to bet on in B.C., what are the most popular?
Video slots are the most important game, by far. Other than that, table games are obviously very popular. If you are interested in sports betting, you can bet on practically any sport around the world as an online gambler in B.C.
I heard that gambling addiction is very serious. Where can I learn more?
Gambling addiction should not be overlooked and you can learn more information at