10x Rewind

10x Rewind slot
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Yggdrasil Gaming
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10x Rewind is the result of a three-way collaboration between Yggdrasil, Gati, and 4ThePlayer.com. With a distinctive theme and gorgeous graphics, 10x Rewind offers gamers the chance to travel through time and right old wrongs without the risk of destroying the space-time continuum and imploding the universe.

Video 10x Rewind™ – Yggdrasil Gaming

The design team for the game went all out. The theme is time travel, and all of the symbols portray a significant landmark or recognizable historical icon. The game grid is located inside a time travel wormhole with stars and planets whizzing by as players hurtle through it on their way to somewhen in the past, present, or future.

10x Rewind

The low pay symbols are the royals. But rather than leave them as the all too pedestrian nine through ace, they are represented by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pyramids at Giza, Pantheon in Rome, a Viking Ship, a steam-powered locomotive, and a space-age hover racecar, respectively.

10x Rewind wildThe high pay symbols are equally as interesting with jousting knights, the moon landing, a gladiator fighting a lion in the arena, and a wild west pistol duel. The Wild is a futuristic lady who would look like Barbi except for her short pink and white hair, and the scatter symbol is a gyroscope.

The 10x Rewind music is a cheery techno beat that matches the theme and visuals perfectly. Winning will change the sounds to slightly more traditional slot sounds, but it all seems to fit anyway.

10x Rewind Features and Bonuses

The portrait feature is more design than gameplay, but the game offers players using a mobile device the option to flip to portrait mode, which switches the game grid from 4x6 to 6x4 for better visuals.

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10x Rewind Wilds can substitute for any symbols except for the scatter symbols, and they payout on their own in addition to forming wins with other symbols.

10x Rewind scatterPlayers must land three scatters to trigger the game’s free spin bonus round, where they will choose from three scatter symbols and win five, seven, or ten free spins that rewind the game to past spins and boost previous wins. This bonus game is where it genuinely shines as players travel back in time and improve their game.

There are a few other bonus features in the free spin round. Any scatters that land will award either additional free spins, add to the multiplier, or win on their own. All the wins are added together, and the multiplier works its magic for some very impressive wins.

Final Thoughts on 10x Rewind

10x Rewind is a unique game concept, and the developers have combined their resources to make an innovative and interesting game. It might not appeal to some players, as it’s a bit loud, and the colors and graphics are on the flashy side, but most will appreciate the time and effort put into the game.

10x Rewind big reels

The features in 10x Rewind tie in beautifully with the time travel theme and offer something unusual to jaded players. Everyone wants to replay their past and do it better, so here’s a chance to do so without that pesky butterfly effect everyone’s so worried about.

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10x Rewind is worth a look, even for players who don’t have past regrets. It’s unique and fascinating, and once players trigger the bonus round, things get super exciting, with the chance for huge wins.