Artemis vs Medusa

Artemis vs Medusa slot
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The slot game isn’t called Artemis vs Medusa for no apparent reason. The name is chosen because these two mythical titans go head to head in this slot game. It’s a unique feature that isn’t often seen and can really get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing as you see these two strong women duke it out.

Video Artemis vs Medusa™ – Quickspin

Since Medusa is a Gorgon, you would naturally want Artemis to win. Not only because Medusa has been widely known to be evil, but you also get rewarded each time she lands a blow. Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of Artemis’s challenges as she not only faces the famed snake-headed beast but also Minotaurs, griffons, and more along the way.

Artemis vs Medusa

The 4×5 grid is suspended in what seems to be a different realm with constellations of Medusa and Artemis in the background. On top of the grid, there are the two goddesses going head to head landing blows as you spin.

Artemis vs Medusa Details

Artemis vs Medusa has 1,024 paylines in total, which is quite a lot for a 4×5 grid. It has yet to come out, so the RTP is to be debated, but what we can gather is it sits at 96.12%, which is acceptable for a slot game.

Artemis vs Medusa wildThe max jackpot is alright at 5,288x the initial stake, but when you factor in the high volatility of Artemis vs Medusa, it sort of eclipses the winning jackpot amount. Betting is pretty standard, starting at 0.2 up to 100, but it’s not so much the money that will pull in the profits as much as the features.

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The game is beautifully designed with exciting background music and smooth graphics. The best part is watching the characters go head to head above the grid.


There is an interesting coin feature called the Monster Bounty, where you collect Artemis coins (ones with her face) on the 5th reel. They are directly related to how much money you win.

Artemis vs Medusa scatterThe free spins in Artemis vs Medusa are the most appealing. They are virtually unlimited and are called the Battle Free Spins. The key to triggering these free spins is with bonus scatters. You need three of them to activate the Battle Free Spins.

The battle rages on until there is a clear winner. The key to winning Artemis vs Medusa is to have Artemis come out the victor against all the monsters she has to face down.

All the features in Artemis vs Medusa are easy and straightforward. Although they are limited, the unlimited free spins feature more than makes up for it.


We cannot wait for Artemis vs Medusa to make its debut later this year. Knowing about the battle feature really gets us excited to play the game in depth. There are a lot of new and interesting features that give the game bonus points.

Artemis vs Medusa free spins

We do wish that the volatility was lower or the RTP was higher. If we are asking for things, we may as well ask for a higher jackpot to offset the volatility. The bonus free spins could take up a lot of time, but who’s complaining.

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Artemis won’t have to face down these monsters alone when you are on the scene. Can’t wait to help her defeat the monsters? Download the game in August!