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Aureus - Rake as many coins as possible on Olympus with the help of supreme god Jupiter in the Aureus slot machine! In the comic book series Asterix, Obelix always says: “weird guys those Romans”. This also applies to the developer of this slot machine based on Roman mythology.

Video Aureus™ – Microgaming

Crazy Tooth Studios is justifiably Crazy. This is evident from Aureus, but also in previous slots that they have released. Just think of 3 Devils Pinball or The Incredible Balloon Machine.


The slots from Crazy Tooth Studios are so 'crazy', because they are always just a little different than other slots. They take a creative look at the development of features and game mechanisms, which makes the slots they develop very unique.

For example, what is striking about this slot machine is that there are no paylines. More on that later.

Aureus, with a Greek mythological theme, is by no means your average lock. It is a slot where you can win cash prizes, multipliers, and respins. However, there are no paylines, no cluster pays and no scatters pays. And certainly no Megaways.

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How do you make winning combinations? Good question. They came up with the following: a mechanism called Coinverge. With this in Aureus, you drag a set of coins towards you, as it were, including any boosters. It feels a bit like a cross between an online slot and a scratch card, as strange as that sounds.

Storyline in Aureus

The Greek god theme is of course not new. But Aureus is also quite peculiar in terms of theme and design. Aureus is drawn in an unusual cartoonish way. It takes place on top of Olympus. That is the mountain on which the gods of Roman and Greek mythology lived.

Aureus collect all coinIn this case, we are at the temple of the supreme god Jupiter (Zeus in Greek). The funny thing is that Jupiter sometimes shoots lightning bolts out of nowhere. Perhaps even stranger is that you can tickle Jupiter by clicking on his body with your mouse.

But why is this slot machine called Aureus? You will immediately notice that almost all symbols in this slot machine are coins. Aureus was therefore a gold coin in Classical Antiquity, especially from the 1st century BC. this coin came into use in the Roman Empire.

Aureus Gameplay and Mechanics

Chief boss Zeus watches the game from his temple and occasionally shoots some lightning bolts into the air. If you are in a naughty mood, know that you can also tickle him by clicking on him a few times with your mouse. The playing field consists of a matrix of 3x5 symbols, representing 15 positions. All kinds of Aureus coins (bronze, silver, or gold) appear in these positions, with money values ​​between 0.05 and 50x the total bet.

Aureus upgrade coinIn addition, large, medium, or small brackets may appear on either side of the playing field. If they appear on both sides, the parentheses create a kind of separate block. All prizes in this block are paid out.

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There are also all kinds of boosters you can win: respins, multipliers, and coin upgrades. All in all, it is possible to win up to 2,000x the bet. The variance is medium and the theoretical payout percentage is 96%. You can bet from $0.20 and that goes up to $80 per spin.

Is Aurus a Good Slot to Play?

Aurus is a lock with an innovative, but the simple game mechanism. All extra features are incorporated in the so-called Coinverge, so there is not much more depth than that.

You can, however, win respins, which with a little imagination you could see as a free spins bonus. Crazy Tooth Studio deserves a compliment for not being afraid to think “out of the box”. Sometimes that works very well and sometimes less, but it shows courage.