Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica slot
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Battlestar Galactica is an online slot machine of the new generation created according to the traditional for the gaming industry principles. The storyline is based on the events described in the series "Star Cruiser"Galaxy".

Video Battlestar Galactica™ – Microgaming

Being popular in 1978 and successfully reanimated in 2003, the story acquired millions of fans and was transformed first into the book production, and later, in 2011, became the theme in creating a slot machine.

Main Features of Battlestar Galactica

The genre of the game is fantastic. The plot is simple: the space colonies are fighting with Cylons-creatures similar to robots who rebelled against the Galaxy. A simple storyline lets the imagination of developers run free - fantasy is always a fertile topic for quality animation, graphics, and impressive gaming effects. You will find all these things in Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica

The best traditions of film fantasy and the latest achievements of programmers have been combined in the creation of the brand Microgaming that every gambler in Canada will enjoy. The starting page of the machine offers information on the three levels of difficulty in the game and the progressive path to success: the higher the bet is, the higher the rank of the player is. After reading the information, you need to click «Ok» and transfer to the game field of the machine.

Immediately you will pay attention to the characters of the game - large images among which there are photos of remake heroes. A remarkable detail is that such photos in a winning combination "come to life" reminding of the pleasant minutes of watching the series. In the background of the game, there are images of spaceships, Galaxy nebulae, mysterious flickering and glow.

How to Play the Slot?

The information is provided in details. The player will understand all the innovations and nuances. To the right and to the left, 243 figures are synchronously located - this is the emphasis on the number of winning ways. An unusual functional chip slot is reflected in its design. Pointing at the numbers, the player learns how to count the winnings on the line.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the game control buttons:

  • AUTOPLAY: if you trust the game and run it in auto mode,
  • WIN: Here is information about the winning amounts.

In the same row, there are mini-tables with the number of tokens regulated in the manual mode and their cost. The total rate is calculated automatically, and the results are displayed on a separate mini-table. The brightest SPIN button starts the rotation of the reels. Let's just say, the design of the machine successfully combines gaming traditions and modern trends.

Battlestar Galactica symbolThe game does not go on lines - in the slot machine, there are combinations. Therefore, the bet in Battlestar Galactica is taken for rotation: the number of tokens is selected by the desired button, their denomination. The SPIN button starts the process. The three-level game system allows the player to experience different emotions and achieve different levels of results. The modes change suddenly adding an additional intrigue.

Bonus games are also worth your attention. At each stage they are special. At the usual level - Iron Storm when the whole drum is filled with wild symbols. At the Run stage, the combinations go from left to right and right to left. The mode of Fight turns into wild any symbol at its discretion. The intricacy of the game is fantastic. It's incredibly exciting to play! Surprises await every Canadian player who likes slots like this.