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With a well-aimed shot with his bow and arrow, Cupid manages to make people fall in love with each other. Cupid, according to the Romans, was the son of Venus, the Goddess of Fertility.

Video Cupid™ – Endorphina

Various stories circulate about who Cupid's father is. Vulcan, the man from Venus, is a contender, but don't rule out Mars, the lover of Venus. In the absence of paternity tests in the days of the ancient Romans, this will remain a mystery forever.


This is the storyline of the Cupid slot machine. Endorphina launched it at the beginning of February 2021. That moment has everything to do with Valentine's Day.

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In the basic game you can take up to 9,000 times your stake per payline thanks to this Cupid. Endorphina completely changes course in the bonus game. In a completely different gameplay you can take up to 500 times your stake per combination of hearts. And that every bonus spin.

Gameplay in Cupid

You play with at least one active payline and a maximum of 20 active paylines. Cupid is a slot machine that you can play for 1 cent. You then play with one active payline and you bet 0.01 CAD on it. The maximum bet is 200.00 CAD per spin. You then play with all available paylines and 10.00 CAD per payline. The minimum bet with any available payline is $ 0.20. Enough betting options!

Cupid wildCupid also sometimes hits the mark on the Cupid slot machine. Cupid symbols count as Wild. Do you take a profit with it? Then this profit is paid out twice. A combination of five cupids will earn you 9,000 times the stake per payline. And with that, this is the most valuable combination you can spin in the base game of this Cupid slot machine.

Red roses and white doves pay out from two pieces and yield a maximum of 750 times the bet per payline. The harp gives you a maximum of 400 times the bet per payline. Wine cups and signet rings are good for up to 250 times the bet per payline. Playing cards will give you maximum payouts of 100 and 125 times the stake per payline respectively.

Risk Game in Cupid

After every winning spin you can play the “Risk Game”. With this you can double your winnings. Unlike Novomatic slots, there is no maximum bet in the “Risk Game”.

You win if you draw a higher card than the dealer. The dealer's card is face up on the table. You choose one card from the four face down cards on the table. You are not required to play, so you can also check which card the dealer has and then decide whether to play.

You can take advantage of that.

If the dealer has a high card, chances are you will lose your winnings. It is best not to play. A high card means a 9 or higher. If the dealer has a low card, the chances of winning are high. When you play, it has a positive effect on the theoretical payout percentage. A low card means a 2, 3, 4 or a 5.

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If there is a 6, 7 or 8 face up on the table, the theoretical “Risk Game” payout percentage is 100 percent. It doesn't matter if you play. Just like with the “Gamble feature” on slots from Merkur, EGT, etc.

Bonuses in Cupid: Are They OK?

Cupid scatterYou can unlock the bonus by spinning three or more red hearts. You will then receive no less than 20 free games. In those 20 free games it has to happen, because you cannot unlock extra free spins on the Cupid slot machine. You play the bonus spins on custom reels. The reels have broken hearts. You know, those key rings that you give to your loved one, so that you both have half the heart hanging on your key.

You win when two parts of such a heart on your screen are next to each other, so that they fit together. There are 9 different colors of hearts. Payouts start from once you bet on the pink hearts. Red hearts are the most rewarding: 500 times your bet.

Cupid Slot Game: Is It Worth It?

Cupid is finally another Endorphina release that is worth checking out. After one thirteen-in-a-dozen slot machine after another, it starts to look like something again.

You can win big in the base game thanks to the highly progressive payout table. It looks a bit like the payout table of the extremely popular Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot machine.

The bonus game is well thought out, appropriate for Valentine's Day, but an anti-climax in terms of payouts. The payout percentage is standard 96 percent on Endorphina slots. This includes optimal playing of the Risk Game.