Monster Pop

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Watch these little Monster Pop creatures line up and disappear with every spin. Whether it’s diagonal, horizontal, vertical or in clusters, collect these multi-colored aliens and watch them burst into your winnings. The 5×5 reels are filled with not scary, but cute looking monsters that will eventually give way to wilds, free spins, clones, and more!

Video Monster Pop™ – Betsoft Gaming

The volatility level is at medium with an RTP (return to player) of 94.67%, which leaves the player wishing for more. Monster Pop a newly released game, and although it doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot, your maximum winnings could see numbers that are 2,270x your initial stake!

Monster Pop

Your board starts off with 5×5 rows but has the potential to expand (with the help of the clone symbol) to reach staggering winning potential with 13×13 rows! To really boost your chances at the maximum win, you need the help of the clones, but more on that later.

Monster Pop heroAnother cool feature of Monster Pop is the flaming sphere. They look like an asteroid with a ring of fire around it and give you the free spins in the game. Free spins can compound into more free spins and shower you with an avalanche of winnings.

Another one of Monster Pop’s features is the monster fury. The monsters go ape and trigger a cascade during losing spins to give you a better chance.

Monster Pop Symbols

  • Monster Cloner — It can create a duplicate of rows either horizontally, vertically, or both! Go to infinity and beyond with the expansion, because there are no limits!
  • Oracle Eye Wild — The wilds look like an oracle’s eye. They can take the place of any symbol except, unfortunately, the cloner and the flaming sphere.
  • Free Spins with the Flaming Sphere — You need to get them to line up, and they start with 3. Get 3 flaming spheres on the screen, and it can eventually lead up to 10 free spins max with one spin for each sphere.
  • Monster Fury — The monster fury isn’t really a symbol as it is an effect. The Monster Pop monster fury is an effect designed to boost your morale. They trigger on no-win spins and create what’s called a cloner bomb or shuffle.
  • Cloner Bomb — As you can guess, the cloner bomb involves the monster cloners. They create random cloners on the grid.
  • Shuffle — The shuffle literally shuffles the monsters around to increase your chances at clusters.


Everything starts with a simple bet. You can be conservative and start small at the minimum $0.25 or try your hand at a larger win and plunk down the maximum $250. People generally go for anywhere in between, or what they can afford.

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Monster Pop wildMedium volatility equals a reasonable risk. The higher you bet, the more payout you get. With jackpot winnings that can climb up to 2,270x your initial bet per round, our math tells us you can reach heights of $56,765.

As mentioned, the RTP is at 94.67%, which is 2% lower than the standard. It’s more of a fun game if you don’t care too much about your balance and winnings. You can just leave Monster Pop on autoplay and come back to it when you have time to see how well you’ve done.


Monster Pop is not a very unique slot game in terms of layout, features, and theme, but it’s still fun nonetheless. The game helps you win and gives you a pickup when you have no wins but doesn’t offer the highest RTP. It’s a fun game to have on your phone when you are trying to pass the time.