Monsters of Rock

Monsters of Rock slot
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Monsters of Rock slot is from game provider Storm Gaming and as the name suggests it is about rocking monsters. The RTP of 96.29% and the 117,649 ways to win ensure that cash prizes can run high.

Video Monsters of Rock™ – Microgaming

If you are looking for an exciting slot machine at the online casino, choose the Monsters or Rock online slot. This slot machine has an RTP of 96.29% and offers plenty of winning opportunities.

Monsters of Rock

When you gamble at the online casino, it is definitely worth looking up the Monsters of Rock slot. You play this slot machine for great cash prizes. In addition, you have plenty of winning opportunities, because many winning ways can be created. You play the Monsters of Rock slot and therefore the number of symbols per reel changes with every spin. If you spin 7 symbols on each reel, you have 117,649 winning ways.

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Of course, you want to win as many cash prizes as possible when you play the Monsters of Rock. This is possible with the Monsters of Rock slot by spinning combinations on the reels. A combination must always consist of similar symbols and this must be at least 3. It is important that the combination is always rotated from left to right. In the prize table, you will find which cash prizes you have a chance at.

Theme & Symbols in Monsters of Rock

You play very nice games at the online casino. If you open the game selection and you come across the Monsters of Rock, you will be more than happy to start playing. You play this slot machine from game provider Storm Gaming with a very nice theme. The theme is all about monsters in a rock band. They make rock music and want to entertain you with the best shows.

Monsters of Rock scatterThe theme of the Monsters of Rock is well crafted with a beautiful background, among other things. You can see a large stage of the rock band in the background of the game. There are large pillars with disco lights in all colors. You also see the audience and everyone goes crazy. The audience dances and sings along. There is a nice atmosphere and that makes Monsters of Rock fun to play.

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Beautiful symbols can also be spun on the reels when you play the Monsters of Rock. You can rotate symbols that fit the theme well. Think about the rock members themselves. They look creepy and therefore quickly attract your attention. One of the band members is green and has a creepy face. Other symbols can also be rotated, including colored card symbols.

How Do I Play?

For you as a player, it is important to know how to play the Monsters of Rock. If you don't know how to play the game, you can't get started. You can play the Monsters of Rock with a minimal number of buttons. That is a big advantage because you will soon master how to operate the game. All buttons can be found on the two sides of the playing field.

To the left of the playing field, you see a red minus button, a green plus button, and an overview with a number in it. You can determine the bet with these buttons, by increasing or decreasing it. In the box with the number in it you can see the value of the bet. You can place a minimum of 0.20 CAD per spin and a maximum of 100 CAD at the Monsters of Rock. You always play this slot machine with a bet of your choice.

Monsters of Rock high voltage

After each spin, you will be given the option to change the chosen bet. So you can always lower or increase it if you want. If you are going to gamble with real money and have chosen a good bet, you can spin the reels. This can be done with the round button with the large arrows. This button can be found on the right side of the playing field. You can also spin the reels of the Monsters of Rock automatically. In that case, you play with the same bet on every spin.

Bonus Features

If you are going to play the Monsters of Rock, you’ll be able to encounter cool extra features. These bonuses make this slot even more fun to play and the tension will quickly rise. Below you will find which additional functions you may encounter.

  • Wild symbol. One of the many extra features is the Wild symbol. You can use the Wild symbol as a kind of joker. That's because it has a replacement function and can replace all symbol types. With an interrupted combination you can then replace the wrong symbol type, which completes the interrupted combination.
  • Free spins. You can also spin a Scatter symbol. It’s easy to recognize it by the rock guitar with flames. If you spin 4 or more Scatter symbols, you’ll receive 10 free spins.