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Get ready for a horticultural game that hits the market in the summer of 2020. How fitting, since the theme is perfect for the season. Being named The Hive, you know that the game has something to do with bees - and it does!

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Bees are a hive-minded species, which is also why the game focuses on features such as clusters because bees are all one. The design is very cute, more on the cute side than anything else with a sunshiny background on a field or meadow with trees framing the screen.

The Hive

The grid itself isn’t really a grid at all and takes the form of a honeycomb. The bees, the honey jar, and the wilds are what make this game what it is. It is yet to be released, which means there is little information on the RTP (return to player) as of now, but with the game focusing mainly on cluster plays, we would assume the RTP is pretty decent.

We gather the RTP should be around 96.97%, as also reported by some! That is a pretty stunning percentage if you ask us! Since there is little information on The Hive, the max jackpot is also a bit hard to gauge, so the sky is the limit!

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Betting starts at a mere 0.1 and can go up to 90 if you’re feeling a little lucky. With the RTP so nice and inviting, what’s the risk, right?

The Hive Features

There are three different types of bees in the real world, and in The Hive as well. They identify as the Queen Bee, the Drone Bee, and, of course, the Worker Bee, which is also what plagues us during the hotter months of the year.

As you play The Hive, these bees surround the honeycomb, and you spin. They rotate clockwise with each spin you make and offer different bonuses.

The Hive free spinsThe Queen Bee herself, the beautiful crowned bee complete with a cape and scepter, can call on her royal subjects to surround The Hive and give you a better fighting chance. The Drone Bee is what is responsible for the honey jar you see on the left of the screen. That is also how you will earn your free spins in The Hive. To fill it quickly, make sure you have a lot of drone bees surrounding you!

Then we have the Worker Bees, the common folk that serves the queen. They are responsible for triggering the stacking multiplier. The number of multipliers you get is the number of working bees you have surrounding you plus 1.

When you eventually earn your free spins, you get the spots of honey just bursting on the screen. They are the wilds, and the spilled honey spreads from one cell to the other (the adjacent cells) for more wins!


The Hive is an impressive slot game in terms of the unique features, and of course, the design itself. We love a cute themed game that can be for anyone. This is especially true when it’s feature-filled and can offer a very high RTP.

The colourful visuals and graphics are guaranteed to add a splash of colour to your mundane day. Not to mention the uniquely shaped “grid” that brings even more earning potential to the table.