Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes slot
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Wheel of Wishes is an online slots game that is very engaging. It falls into the category of a progressive jackpot game and is very exciting, to say the least. The reviewing criteria for the wheel of wishes are segmented into the following.

Video Wheel of Wishes™ – Microgaming

Wheel of Wishes carries an Arabian Desert theme with the symbols being reminiscent of the Arabian Desert as portrayed by popular media. Even the playing card suit symbols and “wild” symbols used in the Wheel of Wishes have been given an Arabic touch.

Wheel of Wishes

The background image is of a desert, but it gives the impression of the red Australian/ American deserts rather than the yellow Arabic ones. This gives the Wheel of Wishes a more Nevada/ Las Vegas type look, which does not tie into the theme but is reminiscent of gambling.

The fonts used in the Wheel of Wishes for information such as the Jackpot amounts, and buttons are not in line with the theme, but this fact ensures that the key information in the Wheel of Wishes is always legible.

Wheel of Wishes Symbols

Wheel of Wishes scatterThe Wheel of Wishes symbols have been divided into high and low symbols. High symbols are images like talismans and potion bottles or basically anything that is not a card suit symbol or a basic shape. The high and low symbols reflect the winnings. This is illustrated in the information section of the game. There are a couple of special symbols, which should be mentioned: the “Scatter” symbol, which looks like a wheel, and the “Wild” symbol, which is the word wild.

The scatter symbol is what one could call the title symbol of the Wheel of Wishes. When it appears twice or more during normal play, it activates the Power spin. The wild symbol substitutes for any other Wheel of Wishes symbol except for the scatter symbol. It increases the player's odds during the game.

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The audio, though not what could be considered typically Arabic, does tie in with the theme of Wheel of Wishes. In genuine slot game fashion, it is calm yet upbeat with a “white noise” quality that lets it fade to the background. The spinning of the slot wheels has a subtle ticking with the stops being accentuated by an attention-grabbing gong. Overall, the audio adds to the game experience while not becoming burdensome on the ears.


Wheel of Wishes is a typical progressive jackpot game. It has five reels and ten play lines. Unfortunately, all ten play lines of the game are always active, and unlike some other games, the player does not have the flexibility to choose which ones to activate or deactivate for each spin. So for each spin, the bet placed is divided among all the play lines. The game details are all spelled out in the information section, which can be accessed by clicking on the three dots on the screen.

Wheel of Wishes wildThe controls of the game are fairly simple, with buttons available for all the major functions such as changing the bet value, checking the available funds, etc. The settings and information buttons are located in a sub-menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the three dots. While this is self-explanatory for more savvy players, users of older software versions may not find these buttons.

For players who prefer faster gameplay, in the settings, there is a feature called “Quick Spin,” which makes the reels spin and stop faster. It doesn't affect the outcome of the game.

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Players may also choose to turn off the audio of the game in the settings section of the Wheel of Wishes.

  • Power Mode

Wheel of Wishes has two modes though, the normal mode and the “Power Mode”. When the power mode is engaged, the game becomes a little different: in Power mode, the three middle reels of the Wheel of Wishes turn into one dial displaying Giant high symbols. Only the middle reel spins and the dials on either end, i.e., reels 1 and 5, will all display a high symbol on each of the three display lines. The middle reel spins on pressing the spin button and on stopping, it displays either one giant symbol or it can stop in between two symbols; if it stops in between two symbols, one of which is a match to reels 1 and 5, it's a win. Power mode increases the bet by a minimum of 10x, so it’s best to be cautious of engaging it.

  • Power Spin

A power spin is a free play in power mode, which is earned when playing in normal mode. It is a unique feature of the Wheel of Wishes. Players can earn a power spin if two or more scatter symbols appear on the reels in normal mode. This entitles the player to spin once in power mode.