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1xSlots is a casino that was established less than one year ago and since then it strives to become one of the best options for players all around the world.

You shouldn’t let the fact that it’s a very young casino fool you because it is clear that the team of iGaming professionals behind the project have a very clear vision when it comes to what players are looking for and made a lot of efforts to build an online casino that is modern and well-anchored in reality.

Every aspect concerning 1xSlots is done with great care and attention to details and diversity is always the name of the game. With over 3,000 games from 40 top-ranked providers, a plethora of deposit and withdrawal methods, fast payments and a customer support team that is simply stunning, 1xSlots is definitely a name you should remember.

Casino Fairness

Now that we’ve established that 1xSlots is aiming for the stars with the product they offer and that hey are doing very well in all aspects, let’s take a look at they’re efforts regarding fair-play and fairness. First of all, let’s start with some basic info on what a casino has to do to prove they’re fair and that all their games are running on a random number generator.

The first and most important element regarding the fairness of any casino is the license they are holding. Before issuing a license for an online casino, the licensing body, in 1xSlots’ case the government of Curacao, has the duty to also ask for proof of fairness and correctitude. The license is not issued if these requirements are not met and there’s no room for any loopholes or anything like that. Licensing a casino is a very serious business and the ones issuing licenses are very strict about it.

1xSlots Bonus

Apart from these, there are several third-party companies that have specialized in auditing online casinos and proving their fairness for all players to see. It’s basically a seal of approval that is proudly displayed by any online casino. Some examples of top auditing companies are eCogra or iTech Labs and they focus only on proving that the games offered by an online casino can be trusted and that everything is truly random with no possibility of external intervention.

Roll the Dice

A more high-tech and appreciated method of proving that your games are fair is what 1xSlots uses on their provably fair special category of games that are produced in-house. So far, they have a number of three games that are being developed that way. 1xDice, PF Roulette and PF Pokerlight. And the system behind them is very simple and easy to understand. We will talk about each game in particular in the following rows.


This very exciting dice game is similar to any other dice or craps game you will find in other casinos and, if you’re lucky enough it can reward you with some very high winnings. But there’s something more to the game that meets the eye, we’re talking about the MD5 has system that is like a verification of the game’s correctness. Before rolling the dice, the system generates a random string and the number that is going to be shown on the dice. This, of course, isn’t shown to you and together they create the MD5 dash of the next bet that is available on the lower part of the screen. This MD5 has is similar to an equation and it can be ‘translated’ like so:


In this equation you have the following variables:

  • A represents the number that will be displayed on the dice at the end of the bet
  • B is represented by the random string that is generated before the bet
  • C is the MD5 has of the next bet

All bets

This system works perfectly because you know the value of C before ever pressing play so it ensures that the result is random and there was no possible way of altering the outcome of the throw.

Furthermore, you can then double check the system by copying the MD5 has of the next bet before you roll the dice, after the results are shown you can use an independent website like http://www.miraclesalad.com/webtools/md5.php to insert the variables of your throw. The result will be identical to the hash that was generated by the game before your throw.

PF PokerLight

This exclusive 1xSlots Texas Hold’em poker game can compete with any other poker game developed by top-class software providers. It has a very high maximum bet that you can place and the wins it can generate are very appealing. Just like the dice game we presented earlier, Pokerlight also has a provably fair system that is based on the MD5 hash. The system is very similar to the one in the dice game but this time we have different variables. You firstly have the deck of cards represented by a string formed by the number of the card and the suit.

Poker Light

The string As, for example, represents an ace of spades. After each completed bet, the system will generate a new string and a deck of cards which are the Md5 has of the game. After the best is completed, no matter the outcome you can double check using the same tool as above and make sure that the bet was 100% random and that luck is the only factor that can influence a bet.

PF Roulette

Yet another example of an exclusive game developed by 1xSlots with some really awesome graphics and a gameplay that can keep a player interested and captivated for hours in a row. And, just like the other two examples we presented above, it has the same cheat-proof mechanism that you can use to verify the fairness of each spin of the roulette wheel. The number that the ball will stop on when the roulette wheel stops is randomly chosen and a random string is displayed on the screen. After the spin, no matter if your bet was a winning or losing one, you can access the hash of the bet and check it to convince yourself everything was totally random. This method can not be bi-passed and it is built in the games to ensure maximum fairness and for a casino the level of 1xSlots, that’s something very important.


All the data presented above should be consistent proof for any player that, besides being an excellent online casino with thousands of games and a very fast and reliable finance department, 1xSlots puts a great price on fairness and giving their players a true shot at winning big prizes on the games they enjoy. With all things considered, we recommend 1xSlots (review) if you’re looking for a good, player-orientated casino that covers the extra mile when it comes to fairness and customer satisfaction.