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In a market that is full of payment systems for casinos, one that has caught our attention is the company Accentpay. Positioning itself as an aggregator of payment solutions, it’s similar to CoinsPaid as it’s a platform that offers ample of payment instruments for online businesses to leverage.

Accentpay Online Casinos

Below we take a deeper look at the company and how it could impact future players.

About Accentpay

As mentioned above, the company is another payment solution that many online businesses can tap into. The team and the company have years of experience working with businesses and casinos alike, so their overall approach is more innovative and modern than what you’d expect from other payment solutions.

How this was achieved was due to their careful consideration of the electronic payment industry’s growth and the development of their platform. That and what also helps their team is several individuals with years of experience with this industry as well.

Accentpay - How to work

In the end, the system they have is designed to be reliable, secure, and intelligent.

The only catch to all of this is the fact this stems from what’s being mentioned on their official website. In other words, there aren’t many other outside sources talking about this payment system at the time this is written.

Main Features

On their website, they have six core features that make their payment system shine:

  • First is the quick and easy integration. The whole integration process only takes a few days before it becomes operational.
  • Second is the timely payments. Regardless of what company you are, payments are to settled quickly and can be accepted anywhere.
  • Thirdly, is real-time statistics. This is different from most other payment platforms. This is the first of its kind to offer specific details. You’re able to create reports based on a wide variety of data.
  • Fourth is high security. The company has the PCI DSS Level 1 certificate. In other words, this is a ridiculously high level of security.
  • Fifth, is flexible solutions. They handle any at-risk business be they low or high in terms of eCommerce risk.
  • Lastly, their one-click payment system. The system is to provide more advantages to users compared to other payment methods.

Looking at these main features as a whole, we can see the innovation at work. As mentioned, the fact they’re providing real time reports is interesting. Especially since most payment systems will generate them as needed. The fact that you don’t need to dig through and wait for the report to be processed is nice.

What’s also different is the one-click payment system. Again, many payment systems require a few steps for you to go through. The fact it sticks with a single click is powerful.

Accentpay FAQ
What do other sites say about this company?

At the time of writing this, there isn’t much information. Though what few sources found, they have reported this site to be safe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company or the system itself is reliable.

So is this company a total scam?

That’s the thing. It’s hard to say. There isn’t enough information available to the public to make that decision. We can’t say with full confidence that this system is what it claims to be just as much as you can’t say it’s a scam. It’s a grey area, and that’s a problem that Accentpay has to handle.

How does the one-click payment work?

According to the company, the one-click payment system becomes active as soon as a payment or deposit from the customers is made for the first time. After that first one, the system saves the information to allow the same customers to perform the same action with one click.

How does the general payment system work?

It follows a simple process. First, you make an order that brings you to your payment e-purse. From there, Accentpay processes the payment to make sure it’s reliable and secure before you get a payment confirmation. Lastly, you get what you paid for and the merchant gets the money.

Pros and Cons

When looking at this new payment system, here are some distinct advantages this platform can offer:

  • The system provides a lot of innovation in the form of strong features that a casino could use.
  • Because of those features, it would make sense that Accentpay online casinos can offer higher security and faster payments and deposits for players. This, of course, is good for both users and the business.
  • Its easy integration system ensures that it’s not going to be much of a hassle for casinos to become Accentpay casinos.
  • The fact it can provide several payment solutions means it could potentially expand the number of players coming to a casino. After all, the more payment options that people like, the more of a reason people will buy things.
  • The team has such extensive experience; they can quickly solve issues and provide more creative ideas in the future. Not to mention they’ve created a reliable system.

However, despite these advantages, there are some drawbacks:

  • Despite the years of experience that this team has, not much is known about this company outside its site. This is a problem because this could all be here-say.
  • Because it’s all here-say, it may be difficult to find online casinos that accept Accentpay. There may be none at all at the time of this being posted.
  • This mystery element is a huge hindrance as it creates uncertainty amongst businesses and users.