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CoinsPaid - What once was a payment service that went unnoticed has now become one of the top industry leaders. It was mostly due to business mergers, but the company experienced a lot of success immediately after that.

CoinsPaid Online Casinos

Considering how big this company has become, we want to be covering some of the more important questions. Now that this company has caught more public attention, what does it mean to other players? How will it impact casinos?

A Look at CoinsPaid

CoinsPaid started in 2008. It was at first a collaboration between a newly formed cryptocurrency and an iGaming group. Between the two, CoinsPaid was a standalone operation, positioning itself as a borderless payment method.

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So far, the company has stood up to that claim as last year alone it processed over 130 million euro ($140 billion US) last year alone.

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This behaviour does make sense though considering the rise of digital currencies. As such, many companies and casinos alike have had to adapt to address their audiences. Because of this movement, CoinsPaid has thrived because it’s joined with various leaders in the industry, which then, in turn, worked with casinos who wanted to integrate these systems.

So What Does CoinsPaid Offer to Clients?

Outside CoinsPaid being in a convenient position, there are other advantages to this system:

  • First is the platform as a whole. It’s incredibly reliable thanks to the fact it can process payments quickly and across the globe. This company has been around for over a decade and has put together an extensive tech team to make this platform. In the industry, this system is considered to be the industry’s top and most advanced payment options you can have.
  • Second is the fact they are trusted. With a lot of popularity around it and the delivery of this service, it makes sense people can trust this platform. And that means businesses. How do you think they managed to collaborate with a lot of businesses and even get through mergers? It makes sense they have a product that people would be into and want to be with.
  • Lastly is the quality of their customer service. Remember what was mentioned above about casinos wanting to work with CoinsPaid? Well, part of the reason is that some casinos aren’t that familiar with integrating these systems. Not only that, but new casinos as well lack the team to implement them. The fact that this company helps them and provides business and tech support is clear that they want to help and know what they’re doing.

Why Bother Going to A CoinsPaid Casino

Now that you have an understanding of the company and system, the next thing to answer is so what? Why bother going to CoinsPaid casinos?

Well, aside from what has been mentioned, there are some other legitimate and compelling reasons to go to CoinsPaid online casinos:

  • First, it’s simple. When you’re dealing with online casinos that accept CoinsPaid, you know the service is fast and straightforward. There’s only a handful of coin options you can choose from and the system makes it easy to do so.
  • Secondly, the fact that the fees are very small. We don’t like dealing with fees, and many of the withdrawal and deposit options normally have small fees to them. The fact this system has either no fees or below the usual fees is nice. Though keep in mind this fluctuates depending on where you’re playing out. So make sure you check the casino’s rules and regulations.
  • The last reason is there is potential for larger bonuses. One thing with bitcoin casinos, in general, is they are very generous with bonuses and rewards. They have strong loyalty programs and offer profitable bonuses for those who go to use crypto. Pair that up with the volatile nature of crypto, you could be receiving more as the price goes up more than any standard currency.
CoinsPaid FAQ
What coins are allowed on CoinsPaid?

Recently, CoinsPaid has partnered up with Changelly, which allows over 140 cryptocurrencies. From among them, you can choose between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum ERC20, Ripple, and more.

What are the top CoinsPaid casinos to go to?

The biggest to consider is PlayAmo Casino, Bit Starz, Maneki Casino, and BetChan Casino. According to many users, these are the most appealing and have received several positive reviews.

How do you make a deposit using CoinsPaid?

Keep in mind that CoinsPaid is a system that integrates hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The company itself is not one of them. They process payments. With this in mind, the process is going to be similar to other depositing methods used with digital currencies.

That process being inputting one of your appropriate wallet’s address and sending it to the casino. Follow that up with sending them the desired amount and letting the transaction be processed.