Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go slot
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Min Coin Size:
Max Coin Size:
275.700 coins
Auto Play:
Progressive Jackpot:
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
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Rang Star Off
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The first game to bring Wild Chase slots to the scene was Quickspin. Since then there have been all kinds of other slots emerging that have this same kind of features. But out of them all, Wild Chase: Tokyo Go is considered the sequel to that genre.

Video Wild Chase: Tokyo Go™ – Quickspin

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go is a call back from a familiar slot game from three years’ prior, reuniting with familiar faces in the story and expanding on it.

In Wild Chase: Tokyo Go, the trio that we followed in the first Wild Chase game has run low on funds. They’ve left Riviera behind and have travelled to Tokyo for not only a new setting but also some more action.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go is drastically different from the original game. There is still enough familiarity that veterans can easily play this game with no issues. This new game is highly volatile compared to the previous game. It uses five reels and has 76 pay lines by default. It can eventually expand into a five by five grid granting you 259 ways for you to win.

Features of Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

As mentioned above, Wild Chase: Tokyo Go stays true to the original material. We can see that already in the fact they’re heavily reliant on free spins. This helps keep the action up to and people entertained.

The respin features — called the Moving Reel Respin — is a feature that comes into play a lot as well. A good portion of the RTP is devoted to the feature, so it’s no surprise that this will feature will come up a lot.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go heroBut the respin feature also leads to some of the newer features. First of all, with every respin you get, the reel starts to expand. This increases your odds of winning. As you begin to win more and more, the symbols will start to shift over to the left.

This process continues until you see no winning combinations. Here is a breakdown of the feature:

  • On the first respin, you’ll have 90 combinations that win.
  • On the second, you’ll have 154.
  • Third, you’ll have 164.
  • The final gives you 259.

The other thing to note about the respin on Wild Chase: Tokyo Go is if you ever win on the 4th respin, you’ll activate another feature: Super Respin.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go respin

What this does is the winning combination you got will get locked in and the game will start respinning. The respinning will stop once no new winning combinations are added.

Through this feature, it is possible to win upwards of 2,757 times whatever they staked.

  • The game has incredible graphics, strong soundtrack and animations.
  • There is also a strong nostalgia factor about this that can attract veterans of the previous title.
  • The features also make it very easy for newcomers to ease into the game. This is also good for those who gamble recreationally.
  • As much as the story plays up the excitement, it’s not overly thrilling for the hardcore gambler. To them, the car chase can be described as a game of catch at a retirement home.
  • In terms of consistent wins, this heist game isn’t optimal. Testers uncovered that winning the top prize is one in one billion spins.
  • Testers also found the general top end of prizes to be tough to achieve as well. For example, getting a chance at anything above 100 times your stake is 1 in 1,467 spins.