Vanilla Visa and MasterCard Casinos

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Vanilla Cards - People love to use fast, easy & simple ways of payments. These are bankcards & of the greatest spread in the world are ones issued by MasterCard & Visa companies.

Vanilla Gifts

Plastic cards owners receive almost limitless possibilities when doing shopping or any payment for anything, pretty much in every place of the world on the developed territories.

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However, these cards aren’t deprived of cons too. Master & Visa cards are linked to an account in the bank, which might become compromised should you ever visit any fraudulent site, use an unsecured Internet connection (like in an Internet café), or make a money withdrawal operation entering your PIN on a skimming gadget of an ATM slipping your piece of payment plastic through the reading device (especially if you don’t use a chip card, which is impossible to copy to use further & you continue using stripe cards). & even more – you may be charged with a commission by the bank that gave you your card that is nearly impossible to escape, especially when you use a credit card.

Vanilla Gift Cards

There is a solution, though. Vanilla cards are one step-forward cards that provide you with the same advantages as the regular branded cards but with no or much-lowered risks of their usage. Thus, when you want to gamble in the casino (like a number of Vanilla casinos), you don’t have to afraid of commissions or frauds on your card. What’s their main feature, you ask? They are prepaid & no-holder-name cards that have a pre-installed amount of money on their balance that can’t be overrun.

So, how to obtain one of those cards?

They are sold on the entire territory of Canada, specifically, in Petro-Canada car refueling stations. It is a nationwide network, so we are sure you are living in the close location to one of those. However, if you aren’t sure where is the closest location to you, you can always refer to their official site Petro Canada to find the nearest location to you. This is the biggest network of an offline retailer of the mentioned cards.

It is easy & convenient to buy from them 6 different denominations of the cards (beginning from 35 dollars ending with 250). If you want more money on the card – simply buy more to the balance you need & enjoy.

How one can use Vanilla cards?

It is possible to pay with those cards on the Internet, including goods purchase & making payments to online casinos to replenish your balance there. You can also use them as well to buy anything offline – purchases in stores, no restrictions. The only limit is that you can’t withdraw money from them using ATM machines or bank tellers. You can only pay from them. However, there is a tough way to withdraw your money in cash if you really need it but it’ll require you to pay some times more money than the usual cash withdrawal from the ATM commission & go a longer way – so, let’s consider that you don’t want that & bear in mind that you can’t withdraw cash.

But, you ask, is that means that there is no possibility to withdraw my money when I win from the casino? Sure, you want to have your money withdrawn. But not on this card if you have no plans to spend the money in the online or offline stores. You simply indicate the other method of withdrawal the money from your gambling account: the slow but primitively simple check or faster but costlier bank transfer. But this is the only drawback of these cards.

Now let’s consider their pros:

  • Accessibility

You can use these cards wherever you want, not only in Canada but in other places of the world irrespectively online or offline.

  • Cost

You don’t have to pay for your Vanilla cards, no matter of what company-issuer they belong to. They have the preset amount of money put on them so nobody will be able to steal from you more than this balance (which is 250 dollars at most), which makes these cards safe from this point of view. If you don’t find this balance sufficient for your particular needs, then simply get more cards – & the issue is solved.

  • Activation ease

It is simple to activate money on these cards as no long or tiresome processes are involved. Just in less than a minute – & you are free to use your money. In addition – the money never expire on them so you don’t have to rush in expenditures.

  • Royal Vegas Casino advantages

Both Vanilla cards are a perfect payment option for Royal Vegas Casino, which is a part of Vanilla company in the world of online gambling. You can safely & easily use these cards to make a deposit there & take advantage of withdrawing the won money on the same card if you’ll use it for purchases in the stores or use other means of money-out if you wanna cash it.

  • A few words about Royal Vegas Casino

12 hundred dollars are given to every newcomer to this casino. It is not the only promo for new gamblers as they include free spins, bonuses, gifts, loyalty schemes & so on. Royal Vegas Casino is a part of Fortune Lounge Group. Be aware that your bonus may also depend on the denomination of your prepaid card you will use to deposit money from into this casino, as they can differ & influence your decision to buy this or that denomination.

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It is simple to play with Royal Vegas Casino & Vanilla type of cards but there are more than just these. In addition, there are a number of ways to withdraw money as well, including eChecks, bank accounts, and web wallets.

Vanilla FAQ
How to activate a Vanilla Visa gift card?

These are all the gift cards that you see at stores all the time. Because they are available everywhere, activating them is simple. All you have to do is select the specific amount you want and pay for it at the counter.

How to use Vanilla Visa gift card?

Treat them as you would with any normal credit card. The only difference with these cards is they have precise balances.

How to check Vanilla Visa balance?

They have a website that you can go to that’s written on the back of every card. You can also google “Vanilla credit card balance” or something to that effect.

Where can I buy a Vanilla Visa within Canada?

Anywhere. These are literally in any big box store and convenience store you go to.

How to activate Vanilla prepaid Mastercard?

Activating them is as simple as paying the proper amount when you purchased it.

How to use Vanilla prepaid Mastercard?

There is no difference between this card and the one issued by Visa.

How to check Vanilla Mastercard balance?

You check the exact same way. There is a website address printed on the back of every issued card.

Where to buy Vanilla Mastercard gift card?

You’ll find them literally right next to the gift cards that Visa issues.

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