Online Casino with Wire Transfer

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Wire Transfer is a way to send and receive funds. It is used by lots of people in many countries. It is very popular for online gambling purposes.

Wire Transfer Online Casinos

It’s a usual transfer from the customer`s account in a bank to a certain place. This way to manage money involves the specific banking institution and the specific wire transfer casinos that the client prefers to play in. It sounds confusing but is something we do on a regular basis.

What casinos accept Wire Transfer?

The Majority of wire transfer online casinos get a large following. Here are some of the major casinos that accept wire transfers:

If you have some other casino, take a look at their deposit & withdrawal options before signing up to see if this banking option are accepted.

How to Use

It’s easy to use this type of transfer once you figure out that your banking institution and your gambling provider accept this type of transfer.

  • You need to check the Bank details for the specific casino you want to connect to through this way. This includes the casino’s BIN, IBAN, and SWIFT codes, as well as its address.
  • Go to the bank office and ask the bank teller for the required data. Supply them with the above information and tell them how much you’d like to transfer. Some banks allow you to do this online, but I recommend going into the bank (especially when doing for the first time).
  • Wait for the transfer to go through!
Wire Transfer FAQ
What should I consider before using this payment method in a casino?

After confirming with the bank and checking whether the gambling provider is one of those that use casinos wire transfer, look here:

Do you wish the bank to have a record of your transfers?
Are you okay with the bank getting a fee from every transfer?
Is Interac or credit card a more convenient option?

Are there limitations for transfer sums?

Your bank or the online casinos that use wire transfer may have limits but they are large amounts that you more than likely will not surpass.

Is this way to send money safe to use?

Yes, wire transfers are safe and secure to use for a gambling provider since it is connected to your bank.

Do wire transfers differ from usual Interac transfers?

Yes, wire transfers differ from Interac transfers with your bank.

Is there a way to do the transfer anonymously?

No, the bank asks for your data and the data of the relevant casino.

  • This way allows you to transfer large amounts of money, so it’s the most viable option for high rolling gamblers.
  • Because you are dealing with your bank, wire transfers are as secure as it gets.
  • Wire transfers don’t require a provider to set up a new way for online casinos wire transfer withdrawal and, because of this, are a convenient way to transfer for both gamblers and online casinos.
  • The bank takes a fee off of every wire transfer.
  • These transfers are directly connected to the bank so they will have records of all transactions completed by you.