Detroit Police Has Found a Gang Robbing High-Rollers

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Detroit Casino

The police of Detroit has finally punished the 3 individuals who were robbing the high-rolling casino players. The robberies took place last autumn when the robbers followed successful gamblers to identify what models of cars they had. The gang members went to the parking, then drove their own cars when pursuing the high-rolling gamblers.

A number of carjackings and robberies have been reported to the police. There was a case when the already mentioned individuals have bumped into the cars of the gamblers with the aim to stop them and ask to evaluate the damage. When the drivers of expensive cars left their cars, the robbers used their weapon to make casino players give them all the money, gadgets, etc. If they liked the vehicle of the player, they took it as well.

However, after several robberies, the gang members were found thanks to the cameras in the parking lot. The police checked everything and identified the connection between the carjackings and the trio committing crimes. The gang members were accused of carjackings, offenses, using weapons, etc.

Motor City Carjackers

This is not the only case when gamblers are attacked. A lot of cases were reported before as well. Among them, the robbery that happened in Maryland. The robber demonstrated an ability to brainstorm creative and original ideas when he used a GPS device to discover where the victim lived. He has invented a simple and effective way to find out where the house of the gambler was, where he came and robbed him thanks to the tracking gadget.

No casino can be successful without a sufficiently high turnover of rates. Given that in the vast majority of gambling to achieve a mathematical advantage over the croupier or the random number generator is impossible, the institution earns at your every rate on a long stretch of the game. The common profit of 3 Detroit casinos has exceeded 120 mln in spring.

The record income that was reported was $138.6 mln. The leader casino that is most visited in Canada among these three is definitely MGM, the second one in terms of the revenue is the MotorCity, and the third place is occupied by the casino Greektown, which is less popular with Canadians.