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ecoPayz - Formed in the UK, the company has built an international presence as a viable option for many players. It’s been marked as an established member of MasterCard and its targeted services on the European Economic Area countries too. How did it get to this point? Let’s explore that and how it works with casinos.

ecoPayz Online Casinos

First off, there are 6 membership levels that ecoPayz has. They are titled in a typical fashion like Classic to VIP. Naturally, each level offers its own unique fees and limits when depositing or withdrawing as well. This is also sectioned off by the country you’re from.

So while you’ll need to check for more specific details on their site, chances are you won’t need to look at the casinos. ecoPayz casinos are abundant since they are a strong international brand.

Some of the casinos accepting ecoPayz are: Hyper Casino, BetChan, Maneki Casino, and many others.

Withdrawing and Depositing Details

When looking into the details for transfers with online casinos ecoPayz is available, it’s straightforward. Similar to other payment platforms, it’s a matter of selecting the deposit — or withdraw — option, inputting the desired amount, and confirming it.

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The only catch is to be aware of the limit that you can transfer both in and out. As mentioned, depending on the level of your account, how much you can move in and out will vary.

ecoPayz payments

For example, when on a Classic account, you can deposit a daily amount of $200. However, you can withdraw upwards of $2,500. On the other hand, other accounts can let you deposit thousands and allow withdrawals of upwards of a million dollars at casinos with ecoPayz allowed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When dealing with casinos ecoPayz is affiliated with, customers receive various perks and benefits.

These include:

  • There are no fees when creating an account.
  • There isn’t a requirement for you to have other bank accounts or credit checks.
  • They have constant customer support.
  • The payments are always secure.
  • You have various methods to fund your account. You can use your current bank account, credit or debit cards, or other local banks and services.
  • You have complete anonymity when using the ecoVirtualCard, which does one-time-pay.
  • No matter the account, you’ll always have three free cards you can load up different currencies with.
  • There are no commissions when performing money transfers to merchants.
  • The limits of how much you can transfer are high.

It’s a pretty good deal. Especially when you consider the only real drawback to this strong platform is that US players don’t have access to this.

ecoPayz FAQ
Can casinos con ecoPayz?

Of course, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to con the company or system. Think of the legal dispute and the damage to reputation that a casino would be dragged through.

What are new ecoPayz Casinos available?

We’re only scratching the surface with our list, but if there is a new casino you like, check their depositing and withdraw page. This is the fastest way to ensure they are new and accepting this payment method.

How do you create an account?

Visit the ecoPayz website and follow the registration process there. It’s free and doesn’t require a bank account or credit checks. Upon creation, you also get to select what card you want. You can go for a digital one or a plastic one.

What happens if you’re a US citizen and use ecoPayz?

Since the company doesn’t operate in that country, any attempt at using that method will be met with a blocked transaction. It’s simply impossible to do any money transfer with this while being a US customer at the time of this being posted.