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Inpay - Out of the many methods to deposit money into a casino, it’s hard to argue about what is the safest method out there. You’ve got cryptocurrencies and their powerful blockchain technology, but there are the classic bank transfers.

Inpay Online Casinos

But any person knows that while bank transfers are pretty safe, one of the largest drawbacks to it is that it takes a long time to process payments. It’s why some casinos will say it’ll take at least three to seven business days for the payment to be fully processed.

That’s because banking systems don’t always meld well together.

But one solution that has emerged to address this issue is this company: Inpay. This is a firm that doesn’t have to deal with borders and has devoted to international payments for credit cards. This system is designed to be fast and secure and is attractive to companies as well as customers.

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But let’s have a closer look at this company and see why it’s got such traction and high reputation.

Core Features

The system itself has three big features to it and are as follows:

  • They have global coverage. This company has been working with a wide array of financial partners and companies. That much will be clear in a little bit.
  • They are regulated by the FSA. The fact a regulatory body is overlooking them means that what they’re doing is secure.
  • They also offer a lot of transparency. This makes them less risky than other payment systems.

Because they have these values and features, whenever they are working with casinos, those casinos can offer plenty of benefits to players. These being:

  • Secure deposits that they can rely on upon through this system.
  • High-quality software on all of their games.
  • Extensive bonuses and other promo offers that have a lot of value to them.

Inpay Online Casinos

Because of these distinct advantages, it’s clear there are many online casinos that accept Inpay. Here are some Inpay online casinos that you can turn to:

  • Dunder, which offers a solid deposit bonus (max is $600) as well as a good amount of bonus free spins (200).
  • LeoVegas, which offers free spins (100) and a strong deposit bonus (max $1000).
  • Another consideration is JackpotCity Casino, which offers another big deposit bonus (100% upwards of $1,600).
Other Benefits

As you can tell from the casinos that are working with these businesses, these are big-name casinos. So how in the world did Inpay get to working with these casinos? Well, we can boil it down to three other distinct benefits.

The Quality Service

With Inpay casinos, you know you are dealing with quality. When Inpay was founded in 2007, the founder already spent a solid 25 years in this industry working in fraud detection. Because of this extensive background, the founder had a good track record for financial technology.


This background also ensured that this company could be trusted time and again. We can see this in the fact that this company has expanded into other countries like Australia and the Middle East.

The Payments Are Easy

While the system is highly secure, meeting the requirements to use this system is easy. There are two requirements:

  • Number one is you need a bank account that is part of Inpay’s network.
  • Number two is you need an account with an iGaming website that has this form of deposit.

Again, since Inpay has been working with a wide array of banks, chances are likely that your bank is working with this company, and you’ll be able to have this option.

On top of that, getting into the whole transaction process is simple. You’ll need to confirm the details of the transaction when they happen, but after that, it’ll take a few minutes before your funds are reflected in your casino balance.

Because of this level of speed, it’s no wonder businesses are looking to work with this company.

Speed and Flexibility

And remember, this system is being implemented in many other places as well. A lot of existing systems are all localized, but since Inpay can work around that, there is a large appeal for it.

This is important because since this is an international company, it needs to be flexible with companies as well as currencies. That doesn’t seem to be an issue at all for the company, which is a good thing.

The only kind of drawback to this whole system is that in order for this to work, you need a bank account with a bank that’s with them. There is no other way around it.

Are there any sign-up options for this system?

No. This is a system that works behind the scenes, unlike popular systems like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. The only thing you need is a bank account of some type with a bank that accepts this system.

What kind of fees do I have to deal with?

One other selling point to this system is the fact that there are no fees. When transferring this way, you don’t have to deal with fees. That being said, we can’t say for certain that your bank won’t charge fees.

Where is this method allowed?

Many countries across the world have implemented this system. The only known restriction is in the United States, which has laws and regulations prohibiting any financial institution from making deposits or withdrawals from gambling sites.

Is this a withdrawal option?

No. This processes payments to businesses. It does it well but it can’t do the reverse. Keep this in mind whenever you go to withdraw money.