10 Most Popular Online Casino Games

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This review is of informative and analytical nature and does not have as its main goal the promotion of goods and services on the market. You probably have already read reviews of gambling and mobile online casinos earlier. We offer for consideration the 10 most popular online casino games on the market.

Slots are a prime example of 21st century gambling. Today they are a real confirmation of how far the development of online games has gone.

It is worth noting that the days of barely flickering lamps and white reels are gone long ago. Today, most slot machines can boast 3D-effects and graphics, and interactive bonus rounds. Moreover, film franchises allowed to transfer user experience to a new level. We have included two card games in the list.

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Carefully read this review, where is the list of 10 most popular online games, including those which the best mobile casinos offer.

Where is it legal?

However, it should be remembered that online casinos, including mobile, are not legal in all jurisdictions. For example, in many countries, online gambling clubs are prohibited. There are no operators who have the right to offer slot machine services on the Internet in these countries. Nevertheless, there are countries where online casinos are legal and gaining popularity. It is legal to play in online casinos in Canada, some US states, Sweden, Italy and other countries.

Social casinos

In addition, when it comes to slots, it is not necessary that you can only play for money. Recently, social casinos are gaining popularity. These are platforms where you can play slots without making cash bets. Thus, the player should not worry at all that he can lose his cash savings. This is primarily modern entertainment and one of the ways to have a fun time, keeping intact your money.

List of popular online games in the best casinos

10. Hitman

Hitman slot

The "Tomb Raider" slot of the “Microgaming” company has become an extremely popular game among foreign gamblers. Therefore, “Microgaming” decided to create a new slot based on the popular video game called “Hitman”. In this game you will find the symbols you would expect in a game of this kind: knives, poison, pistols.

9. Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 slot

The famous “Marvel comics” hero will come to life on your screen. The main character of the “Iron Man 2” slot is Tony Stark. The slot is equipped with five reels and 25 prize lines. It can also be found in the best mobile online casinos. Graphics done at a high level. The game is full of various entertainment. Gamers will even have to shoot from heavy weapons.

8. X-Men

X-Men slot

Believe us, you don't need to be Professor Xavier to rate this online slot. “X-Men” is a slot for five reels and 25 prize lines, equipped with a large number of additional functions. There is a special round called The Heroes vs Villains (“Heroes vs. Villains”), as well as “Wild” and “Scatter” symbols. The gameplay also includes an extra game called “X-Feature”.

7. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk slot

“The angrier the Hulk, the stronger he is!” This expression is directly related to the “Incredible Hulk” slot. The protagonist of the slot is a green mutant who smashes the cops’ cars into pieces and brings you a multiplier. This slot is designed for the “Hulks” but not for mere mortals. Get ready for the “Scatter” symbols, the function of the "spreading" Hulk and other special features.

6. Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II slot

Lightning strike, romance, a huge guy with a hammer - you know what it is about. But if you do not - we recommend to watch “Thunderstruck II”. This successor of the “Thunderstruck” film boasts an improved quality of sound effects and graphics. This is a slot with 243 prize lines and with many special games.

5. Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions slot

“Mermaids Millions” is a slot which is loved by many foreign players. You will be able to see the inhabitants of the sea depths on the playing screen, such as Poseidon, mermaids, sea horses, as well as numbers and letters denoting card denominations.

4. Girls with Guns - Jungle Heat

Girls with Guns slot

This is a very dynamic slot created by “Microgaming” company. The best mobile casinos do not bypass it and add to their catalog.

3. Roulette

Slots can occupy 80% of the premises in land casinos and approximately the same amount of virtual space in online casinos, including mobile applications. But board games such as roulette have a long history and are worth mentioning.

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You need to put tokens on those numbers on the table on which you want to bet. There are many numbers on the table (from 0 to 36, as well as 00). You can bet money on the red-black fields, even / odd numbers, on the first and last 18 numbers, on the sectors (12 numbers each) and on the first, second and third columns. You can also bet on multiple numbers and make cross bet.

Roulette wheel can rotate both clockwise and against it. Bets, which match the number on the wheel - are winning.

2. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight slot

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all times, and on the basis of the "The Dark Knight" movie was developed this slot machine.

This is a well-deserved second place in the list of the most popular games, because it is a product of “Microgaming” company. Moreover, this famous slot producer collaborated with the filmmakers.

Get ready for the original video clips and images from the film. This slot also contains “Scatter” symbols and random prizes.

1. Poker

This is a card game in which five cards are dealt. Their values ​​range from low to high: high card, 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush. The best combination wins. Also there are many varieties of poker.